Namaste.. I honour the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honour the place in you, which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one.

We are all here to live a life full of beauty, filling our days with joy, happiness and peace.  We must first see the beauty, joy, happiness, and peace within.  To achieve this we must take small steps towards understanding what love is to us.  Ask yourself now do I love myself?  Am I able to say this without placing any conditions on that love for myself?

Because we distract ourselves with the many everyday issues and stresses finding time for ourselves can be difficult.  For some of us these distractions are a way for us not to have to face how we truly feel about ourselves.  Unaware we make excuses.

There comes a time when we start to question why we are here.  What purpose are we here to serve.  When this happens know that even though you may feel very empty within, this is the point where you can start to know yourself again.

This time is now the time for you to reflect on your past, live fully in the present, and dream about your future.  This is the time for you to enable change and bring back the Joy, Happiness and Peace you were destined to live.

So where do I start you ask?

Start to take small steps towards changing your life.

First you must look outside yourself and find the beauty of nature.  Start going to a place where there are many trees.  Your town may have a local garden, or bush.   Walk and sit and breathe in this nature.  Look at the beauty nature has to offer us, feel it, and fill yourself with the abundance of energy it has to give you.

Begin to appreciate every little thing you have in your life.  Be grateful for your life.  Begin each day by writing one thing you are grateful for, this will very quickly turn into so many things you are grateful for.  We must all first appreciate what we have, for this helps to fill our hearts with joy.  It helps us to understand what we are able to do for ourselves and what others do for us.  It enables us to begin to feel love within us.

As you fill yourself with love it enables the darkness within to emerge and slowly release itself.  As you take these steps to notice all that is around you, outside of you, you begin the process of looking within yourself.  When this process happens you will be ready to reflect on your life and begin to peel away layers.  Layers of life lessons which do not serve there purpose to you anymore.

How do you deal with the darkness which is now releasing from within?  It may be that you start dreaming and having nightmares.  It may be that you suddenly feel angry with yourself or those around you.  You may start crying at any given moment.  You may have manifested it physically and you are feeling it as pain or as a disease.  There are so many different scenarios of release.  Firstly know that it is okay for you to feel any of these emotions, anger, sadness, lack of self worth, guilt or you may experience physical symptoms.  Your body will show you in many different ways that it is releasing.

There are many healers waiting for you to step into there space and help you. I am one of them.

I am a qualified Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer and Mediation/Energy work Teacher, waiting to help you.  I can help you to heal yourself.  Through Massage you become much more in touch with your body.  This helps you to stop being numb and begin to feel.  Through Reiki Healing I am able to help you encourage those life lessons which no longer serve a purpose to come forth and be released forever.  By teaching you Energy work and Meditation you learn to find your own answers to life, never again having to ask anyone else but yourself.  You will gain an inner peace.  You will learn to love yourself again.  You will begin to live the life you were destined to always live.  A life filled with Happiness, Joy, and Peace.

I welcome you into my Healing space.